How to Choose a Carpet for Your Home

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When choosing a carpet, what should you pay attention to the most so that you can give your room the desired stylish look?

First and foremost – you have to pick the carpet’s function. The soft flooring can either play the role of a noise and cold insulator or it can serve as a large colourful spot in the interior. But, going even further, you’ll have to ask yourself this – will its basic function be able to give your feet the feeling of softness and warmth?

How to Choose a Carpet That Matches Your  Room’s Style

If you want to increase the space visually, you can choose brighter colours and go for carpets with diagonal patterns.

If your room is very large, several carpets will help you zone it. Their edges will serve as a tool to differentiate between the eating and resting zones.

For the guest and children’s rooms, pick a carpet with short threads – these kind of floorings are more resistant to wearing out. What’s more, furniture trails become much harder to notice.

For the bedroom, you can choose soft woollen carpets with longer threads that cover (almost) the entire room. This way, you will create a sense of comfort and dull the different noises, for example the flapping, naked feet on the floor.

For the hall, you can use ornamented carpets made of synthetic threads. Apart from that, the different prints and geometrical shapes are very good at hiding dirt trails, so typical of entrée rooms.

How to Choose a Carpet According to the Room’s Size


Bear in mind that larger carpets (over 2.5 sq. m.) will attract the most attention. Due to that reason, single-coloured carpets or ones with non-contrasting ornaments are most appropriate for a bright and colourful interior that is filled with decorations.

A medium-sized carpet (up to 2 sq. m.) underlines the zones in an excellent manner, for example the resting corner in the guest room.

A small carpet works great as a decoration. You can place it around the bed or the fireplace, the couch or the armchairs. You can have more than one of those in the room, but definitely make sure all carpets have the same pattern.

How to Choose the Carpet’s Colour


For well-lit rooms where windows are facing south, floorings with cold tones are more appropriate. For darker rooms, better choose a carpet with warm nuances.

Carpets that match the tone of the floor beneath them look stylish, but if the floor is too dark (black, dark-grey/brown/red), you’d better choose a contrasting colour or a bright carpet with ornaments matching the  floor’s dark hues.

If you truly want to accentuate the original furnishing, pick a monochromatic carpet, because otherwise you will draw the attention out.

Persian carpets only go well with classic furniture. On the other hand, if your interior is done in a modern, minimalistic style and metal and glass materials abound, then Persian carpets will seem out of place.

Don’t forget – the draperies and carpet go together like shoes and a handbag in the same style and tone. The harmony between them gives you more options for the rest of the dress code or, in this case, for the dress-code of the room.

Finally – Why Should You Get a Carpet in the First Place?


  • Laminate, terracotta, marble or granite flooring – neither will ever give the room the comfort that a carpet can offer.
  • You don’t have to wash or polish the carpet every day. If there’s dust on it, it’s less visible compared to other types of floorings.
  • The carpet is an impeccable noise isolator.
  • A thick carpet does a great job at protecting your feet from the cold. It also normalises the humidity in the room.
  • A woollen carpet massages the feet (especially if you have the habit of walking barefoot). This improves your organism’s overall health.

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