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How Long Does a Sofa Last?

Man sitting on a sofa

It’s not uncommon for people to hold onto their beloved couches for decades, while others find themselves replacing them every few years. So, if you are wondering whether the time has come to part ways with your sofa, then this post can shed some light on the matter. Here, we will explore the average lifespan…

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How Often Should You Change Your Mattress?

Tossing and turning all night only to wake up in the morning with back pain and still feeling tired is frustrating. While there might be several reasons for a night of poor sleep, an old, uncomfortable mattress is often the case. No matter how comfy a bed piece can be in the beginning, this can…

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What Is The Difference Between AGA and Rayburn Cookers?

range cooker in a kitchen

Aga and Rayburn are the cooking appliances that bring heart, warmth and comfort into a home. These two ranges have many similarities but they also have notable differences. Appreciating these differences will be important if you’re considering installing a range and want to know which will best suit your needs. So, if you Are thinking…

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