Tenancy 101

How Much Does End Of Tenancy Cleaning Cost On Average?


Look, we apologise for the next sentence in advance. But it depends. A tenancy clean for—let’s say a two-bedroom London apartment—can range from £130 to £250, and maybe even more. This might seem costly at first but keep in mind that there’s usually a hefty deposit on the line. To put things in perspective, the…

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End of tenancy cleaning tips 101 – The Basics Move-out Guide for Tenants

End of tenancy cleaning tips 101

Tenants often want to carry end of tenancy cleaning DIY. There is nothing wrong with that but there are a thing or two you should know. Here is a set of tenant tips and advice, gathered and organised by professional after tenancy cleaners to help you out.

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Tips & Tricks on SUBLETTING

End of tenancy cleaning tips for tenants 101

What does a tenant need to know before the subletting process?

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