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How Do Enzymes in Cleaning Detergents Work?

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Whenever you browse the laundry detergent aisle at the supermarket or see an advert on television, you are probably inundated by a choice of brands, as well as by a decision between biological or non-biological products.

Like so many people, for a long time, we paid no attention to the difference and opted to buy whichever detergent caught our attention the most or one that we were already familiar with. Recently, however, our curiosity got the better of us and so we asked “what is the difference between bio and non-bio detergent?”. The answer was deceptively simple – biological detergents contain naturally-occurring enzymes whereas the non-bio alternatives do not.

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6 Steps to Recycle Paper at Home Easily

recycling paper at home

What material is number one in the hard waste flow? Before you shout out “plastic!”, why don’t you look around your classroom? What do you see? Posters? Notebooks? Boxes? Textbooks? Tables, decorated with colourful paper? There lies your answer. Paper is everywhere. Paper comes in different sizes and shapes. It can be glanced or rugged,…

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How to Recycle Plastic at Home


Recycling plastic at home is an easy and effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. It might not seem like that much of a deal, but unlike paper and food waste, plastics break down into smaller and smaller pieces. Eventually, they become microplastics, which can persist in the…

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Best DIY Natural Cleaning Recipes and Homemade Cleaners

Natural cleaners are an affordable and easy way to keep your home free from harsh chemicals while bringing back the freshness of your home. So what is the best homemade kitchen cleaner? How can I make my own natural cleaner? Here are some tips you should keep in mind when preparing homemade natural cleaning products….

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