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Rangemaster Cleaning and Maintenance

a modern gas range cooker

Rangemaster cleaning is always so much easier if you do it after each time you cook as regularly wiping down the oven and hob will prevent a build-up of grease and grime. Avoid using acidic cleaning products such as vinegar and limescale remover as these can damage the top glaze. Hot soapy water and a…

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How to Clean Burnt-on Residue Off a Stovetop

stovetop cleaning

Food can burn and get stuck on whether you have a ceramic, induction, solid-plate electric, gas, and gas on glass hob. We all know that cleaning the stove immediately after cooking is the best way to prevent spills and splatters from hardening. However, more often than not, this remains wishful thinking, and we postpone the…

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New Oven Smell and How to Remove It

new built-in oven

Have you purchased a new oven recently? Congratulations! You are now ready to unleash your inner culinarian. But the excitement of a newly bought appliance can quickly be dawned by a smoky oven and an odd smell of burning plastic or chemicals lingering in the air. However, don’t be alarmed, yet. Though unpleasant, the new…

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How to Remove Paint from Glass Window Panes

how to remove paint from windows

Paint is very difficult to clean off from any surface and removing it from glass is no different. Once the paint has dried, trying to wipe it off with a wet cloth will prove unsuccessful. Nevertheless, there are a few ways you can prevent smudging the windows with paint and in the event you splatter the…

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How to Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach

how to clean outside windows you can't reach

Cleaning outside windows you can’t reach is a complicated task. Finding the best way to execute the job is not an easy accomplishment. You should consider your safety, the height of the windows, and what special equipment is required. Then you need to plan a few things. First, consider the weather forecast and choose a…

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