Spring Cleaning Ideas

10 Practical Spring Cleaning Tips You Can’t Miss

Spring cleaning basket with cleaning equipment

Spring is when every aspect of our surroundings awakens after the long cold winter months. We will not write about the blossoms of greenery, but we will share some tips on some not-so-pleasant chores we must do in early spring.  Spring cleaning is equivalent to a deep cleaning of your property which most of us…

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What Is Hot Water Extraction Cleaning?

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning

In a world of many uncertainties, we can probably all agree on one thing – that carpets and upholstery can get covered in stains rather quickly. And sure, technology has skyrocketed in recent years, with companies offering steam cleaning services, others – dry cleaning alternatives, and others still the even more technical-sounding technique, mandatory to…

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What is Spring Cleaning? History, Origin and Traditions

Spring Cleaning History and Origin

It is spring cleaning time! The time of the year when cleaning product manufacturers boost promotions and ads, blogs and magazines flourish in spring cleaning tips and various campaigns launch. Spring cleaning encourages everything from properly disposing of outdated pharmaceuticals to removing litter from t­he UK’s parks. It’s a collective movement that has established spring…

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