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Cleaning dog hair from carpet

No More Furry Surprises! 10 Easy Ways to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Carpet

There is no doubt that all dog owners love their beloved pets. After all, they are called “the man’s best friend” for a reason, right? But taking care of dogs and maintaining the house in pristine condition could be harder than you’ve imagined. For example, their hair can easily stick to furniture and carpeting and…

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Natural fibre carpeting

Natural Fibre Carpets: Specifics and Cleaning Methods

In recent years, more and more people choose to bring natural fibre carpeting into their homes due to their cosy warmth, excellent durability, and their eco-friendly manufacturing process. But you probably know all of this already since you bought one yourself. What you really wish to find out is how to wash natural fibre rugs….

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Should I Buy a Polypropylene Carpet?

Today you can find all sorts of synthetic carpets. They vary greatly in quality and durability, but there’s one thing for sure – they make up a wonderful competition for the wool old-timers. Sure, synthetic carpets will NEVER achieve the same longevity as the wool ones. It’s obvious that the wool rugs win over the synthetic in (almost) every aspect, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the latter – let’s examine them in detail before you decide whether to get one.

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How to Choose a Rug

You can play around with the area’s rug size, which can directly affect people’s perception of the room’s actual size. If you decide on a small rug, the room will look smaller, too, and vice versa. The main purpose of the rug is to build imaginary boundaries, which visually separate different areas of the room that serve various purposes. For example,the area rug in your living room would separate the lounge area. And with furniture’s legs stepping at the edge of the rug, you would set yourselves up a nice area rug.

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How to Choose a Carpet for Your Home

When choosing a carpet, what should you pay attention to the most so that you can give your room the desired stylish look? First and foremost – you have to pick the carpet’s function. The soft flooring can either play the role of a noise and cold insulator or it can serve as a large…

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