How to Clean Your House in 30 Minutes

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how to clean your house fast

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In the past, we have covered topics, such as deep cleaning your home and how to create a cleaning schedule. But there isn’t always a need to clean so thoroughly. This is why we are happy to bring you a guide on the most effective way to clean your house in 30 minutes or less.

While it is important to deep clean your home on a regular basis to maintain a healthy level of cleanliness, you don’t need to turn into a whirlwind of cleaning products every time you are expecting guests or when your home just needs a quick refresh. Just keep in mind that this type of fast, light cleaning is meant to supplement your regular housework schedule and not to completely replace it.

General tips and tricks for a quicker clean

tips and tricks for quicker clean

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The point of cleaning for a small amount of time each day, other than maintaining a hygienic home, is to tackle small jobs so that they don’t pile up and consume half of your weekend. By doing this you will end up with more free time, you will feel comfortable inviting unexpected guests into your home and, if you do expect guests, you won’t have to clean for several hours in preparation for their arrival.

To ease you into the process of cleaning quickly, here are a few tips for keeping your house clean and tidy.

  1. Create a checkpoint for your home. We bring a lot of unnecessary things into our homes on a daily basis, from dirty shoes to postal adverts. Most of the time, we don’t notice how much of an effect this can have on our home until it’s time to clean. It is then that we discover forgotten piles of clutter, as well as just how dirty the floor can get.

By creating an area past your front door to hold shoes, jackets, dog leashes, and all of the other miscellaneous items, you get some control over the amount of dirt and clutter that get dragged inside. If you are prone to losing your keys, getting into the habit of placing them in a bowl or on a hook near the door can ensure that you can always find them.

  1. Clean your dishes when you finish eating. No one likes doing the dishes, but our motivation to clean them declines sharply as the number of dirty dishes increases. Plus, it isn’t pleasant to see stacks of dirty dishes untouched for days on end. By washing the used dishes after each meal, you won’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of time washing them all at once, and it will be easier to do so due to the lack of dried food crusts.
  2. Do your laundry regularly. Rather than waiting for the completion of your “dirty laundry mountain”, try to wash smaller loads throughout the week. This way, you won’t have to spend an entire day (or more) washing and waiting for your laundry to dry.
  3. Have fun. If you truly despise housework or find it to be a soul-suckingly boring chore, try to stay entertained by singing, dancing, whistling, reciting Shakespeare, or whatever else floats your boat. You will be surprised at how quickly time passes when you are prancing around singing your favourite song while cleaning. Our personal favourite is singing and dancing like Freddie Mercury in drag while Queen’s “I want to break free” blasts in the background.
  4. Set a timer. Regardless of whether it takes you 10 minutes or 30 minutes to clean your home, it is easy to get distracted by your telephone, children, or how your pets think they are helping you while getting in your way. Setting a timer for 5-10 minute intervals will help you stay on track and will bring your attention back to the task at hand.

Now that we’ve discussed some little tips to help you get started, it’s time to move on to your new daily house cleaning schedule.

Bathroom – approx. 10 minutes

how to clean your bathroom fast

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One of the least enjoyable rooms to clean is the bathroom. But it doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Follow the steps below to clean your bathroom in around 10 minutes.

  1. Go crazy with the spray. Spray everything in sight: the sink, bathtub, mirror, toilet and the floor around the toilet. While the cleaning product is working its magic, clear any counters or shelves and spray those as well.
  2. Wipe. Using a clean cloth or paper towels, start from the cleanest surfaces, the mirror and shelves for example, and work your way towards the dirtier surfaces like the sink and bathtub. Pay special attention to the area around taps and drains to remove any grime or limescale that may have built up.
  3. Tackle the toilet (not literally). Firmly grasp the toilet brush and vigorously scrub the toilet bowl. After this, move on to cleaning the cistern, seat and base of the toilet. Disposable wipes are excellent for this but, if you don’t have any, select a cloth and designate it as the toilet cloth. Use just this cloth to clean the toilet and replace it when things start to get nasty.
  4. Clean handles and light switches. The most touched areas of any bathroom are the door handles, light switches, and support handrails (if you have any installed). These high traffic areas are easily forgotten, but they are magnets for dirt and bacteria, so give them a quick wipe on your way out of the bathroom.

Kitchen – approx. 7 minutes

how to clean your kitchen fast

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Cleaning your kitchen properly is a time-consuming process, so leave the deep clean for the scheduled day. For now, we just need to focus on the areas that are most noticeable.

  1. Wipe the worktops. Give your kitchen worktops a quick once-over with a clean cloth and your favourite cleaning product. You don’t have to be perfect here, so pay more attention to those areas that gather dirt and grime quickly, such as around the sink and stove.
  2. Clean drawer handles and the fridge door handle. These areas can get dirty very quickly from being touched so often. A daily wipe will prevent dirt build-ups.
  3. Wipe away fingerprints. Materials, such as glass and polished marble, collect fingerprints like they are going out of fashion. Use a coffee filter to polish away the evidence.
  4. De-clutter. To make your kitchen feel more spacious and well-organised, store any large appliances in a cupboard. When not in use, make sure food is kept where it should be, and keep cookbooks, recipes and receipts contained to a specific area.

Living room – approx. 6 minutes

how to clean your living room fast

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In most households, this is the most used room and, as such, it can often be difficult to keep it clean and tidy. Spending a few minutes each day can drastically reduce the difficulty of keeping the room clean.

  1. Find all of the remote controls and put them where they are usually kept.
  2. Reorganise any magazines or newspapers kept in the living room and recycle any which are no longer relevant.
  3. Fluff and put back any pillows or cushions.
  4. Spot dust and vacuum. The goal is not to make the entire room sparkle, but to freshen up the most noticeable areas.

The bedroom – approx. 4 minutes

how to clean your bedroom fast

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This is one of the easiest rooms to clean quickly as no one should be in there without being invited by you anyways.

  1. Make the bed. Hold on to around 30 seconds of your time during your daily routine to make your bed. After a short while, this will become a habit you won’t even think about.
  2. Tidy up. Put away any shoes (they should be at the front door, remember?) and any clothing or other items which may be lying around.

The hallway – approx. 3 minutes

how to clean your hallway fast

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In most cases, this is the first area that your guests will see, so it is important for this area to be clean, neat and welcoming.

  1. Spot vacuum. Briefly vacuum your hallway to pick up the dust and dirt accumulated each day. If you are expecting guests, don’t worry about mopping as they will be bringing dirt in from the outside anyway.
  2. Make sure that all shoes are neatly arranged in a shoe rack instead of being strewn recklessly around the floor. If you don’t have a shoe rack but do have coat hooks, buy one or more canvas shopping bags to hold the shoes and hang them from the hooks.

So there we have it, your guide on how to clean your home in 30 minutes or less. We hope that you will be inspired to take these general guidelines and adapt them to your home and needs., By doing so, we are sure that you will notice how much easier staying on top of housework is.


Did we miss anything? Do you have any tips or advice for cleaning your home quickly? Let us know in the comments below or give us a shout on social media!


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