How to Clean an Antique Mirror

how to clean an antique mirror

One of the household items that collects dirt as easy as it was a walk in the park is the mirror. Even if you clean it often, you are in trouble as the smudges and stripes will continue to mess with the final outlook. If you happen to have an antique mirror at home, you…

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How to Clean Tarnished Brass

Brass objects have always been popular and often make up for a good part of the decoration in contemporary homes. Whether it’s kitchen utensils or decoration,  the material has long been valued as it can be shaped into various intricate ornaments. Yet, this quality also plays a negative role, as those swift crevices become the…

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Tips & Tricks on Subletting

End of tenancy cleaning tips for tenants 101

What does a tenant need to know before the subletting process?

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Best DIY Natural Cleaning Recipes and Homemade Cleaners

Natural cleaners are an affordable and easy way to keep your home free from harsh chemicals while bringing back the freshness of your home. So what is the best homemade kitchen cleaner? How can I make my own natural cleaner? Here are some tips you should keep in mind when preparing homemade natural cleaning products….

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