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Natural fibre carpeting

Natural Fibre Carpets: Specifics and Cleaning Methods

In recent years, more and more people choose to bring natural fibre carpeting into their homes due to their cosy warmth, excellent durability, and their eco-friendly manufacturing process. But you probably know all of this already since you bought one yourself. What you really wish to find out is how to wash natural fibre rugs….

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conservatory roof cleaning

How to Clean a Conservatory Roof

You’re very lucky if you have your own conservatory at your home. But, if you’re one of the lucky people who can enjoy a cup of coffee in your own conservatory, there are probably things that bother you. One of them should be exactly how to clean your conservatory roof and remove those dusty and…

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window cleaning pvc frames by Fantastic Cleaners

How to Clean uPVC Window Frames

As undemanding as they look UPVC window frames need to be properly maintained. There are different colour variations depending on the film they have been coated with, but the most common are the white frames. Cleaning white uPVC window frames can be a difficult task, because the accumulated dirt is more visible, which is why…

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how to get rid of limescale

How to Get Rid of Limescale

A comprehensive guide to removing limescale from surfaces, fixtures and household appliances. If you wonder what the UK hard water map looks like, you’ll find that most of mainland Britain, apart from Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and a couple of Northern districts, suffers from the effects of a hard to very hard water supply in the form…

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Annoying! How to Completely Descale a Kettle

Not everyone is particularly bothered about making a cup of tea or have their coffee fix in the morning out of scaly kettle. After all, most devices have a filter and very few whitish flakes end up in the cup of hot beverage, right? But what happens to your device’s performance over time, if left…

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