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How to protect your sofa from dog

10 Easy Ways to Protect Your Sofa from Dogs

Tired of constantly being covered in dog hair every time you sit on your sofa? Or frustrated with the need to vacuum your furniture several times a week to keep it fur-free? You’re not alone. We understand your struggle and we’re here to help, so keep reading and you will learn some practical tips on…

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Leather sofa deep cleaning

Can You Steam Clean a Leather Sofa?

Sofas are usually the central pieces of a living room. This means they are constantly subjected to traffic, allowing dust and grime to easily accumulate over time. If neglected, the upholstered piece of furniture can suffer permanent damage and worst of all – you may need to invest in a new one. Proper and frequent…

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Woman cleaning sofa cushions

Easy Ways to Clean Sofa Cushions Like a Pro

Sofas are great for providing comfort, you can just lay down a bit and relax after a long day at work. The couch is considered to be the most used piece of furniture, easily accumulating lots of dust, hair and stains over time. Sofa cushions (just like the sofa itself) are also susceptible to dirt,…

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Professional sofa cleaning technician cleaning a gray sofa

HELP! How Much Does Sofa Cleaning Cost on Average?

There are a number of factors that determine how much you would have to pay to have your sofa cleaned. At Fantastic Cleaners, we have years of experience cleaning a wide range of upholstered furniture such as armchairs, sofas, dining and office chairs, bed headboards, mattresses and more.

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How to Clean a Cream Leather Sofa

Leather sofas bring a note of elegance to your apartment. Both comfortable and luxurious, leather sofas last a lifetime with the proper treatment. In terms of pricing, they can be considered an expensive home furniture item, but their longevity makes the investment worth it. Therefore, in order to learn how to better use your sofa, you must first go back to the basics of cleaning it.

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