How Much Does End Of Tenancy Cleaning Cost On Average?

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What is the cost for post tenancy cleaningLook, we apologise for the next sentence in advance.

But it depends.

A tenancy clean for—let’s say a two-bedroom London apartment—can range from £130 to £250, and maybe even more. This might seem costly at first but keep in mind that there’s usually a hefty deposit on the line. To put things in perspective, the move out clean might pay for itself if done right. By which we mean if the landlord is pleased with the results. And right now you are probably wondering…

What factors determine the price of the service?

  • It depends on the size of the property.
    It is a no-brainer that a larger property will have a higher end of tenancy cleaning cost. That is why it is crucial to be upfront regarding the size of your rental when you are approaching a professional cleaning company. Providing false information—whether accidentally or intentionally—will only bring you troubles.
    In case the dwelling in question is larger—five bedrooms and two bathrooms, for example—then most companies would just send somebody to conduct a survey. This is actually great because it will eliminate the risk of any mistakes you might do on your part and you will be given a precise quote for your service.
  • It depends upon the state of the property.
    When a tenancy comes to an end, both parties involved will go through several pain points. And the condition of the property can be rather painful on the end of the tenant/s. Financially, that is. So don’t be too surprised when the cleaners ask for a little extra if you welcome them to a den of feral badgers.
    Also, you have to keep in mind that a tenancy cleaning service aims to bring the property to a hygienic and presentable state—repair procedures are not included. If there is a hole in the wall or a cracked bathroom tile, and you know that your landlord will be on his way to check the place soon, you better start looking for a handyman right about now.
  • It depends on additional cleaning procedures.
    When you pick a service provider, it is advisable to take a look into what exactly their end of tenancy cleanup checklist includes. For instance, some companies are able to offer a service that already includes deep cleaning of the property’s cooking appliance. However, deep cleaning (with professional equipment) for carpets and upholstery, is usually something you have to book separately. So take a good look at your situation (and agreement)—consider whether or not you are going to need specialised cleaning procedures for the items at the property.

So, let’s say you are willing to go the extra mile and pay extra for your service. In this case, you should ponder over…

Does merely a price guarantee better quality?

First of all, let us apologise again. But it depends. Here are a few factors that will paint the picture for you:

  • #1. Is the service professional?
    You see, “professional” is one of those big words that are slapped all over company websites and ads just to impress you. What does it even mean? Anyone can pick up a mop and a bucket of water and call themselves a “professional” cleaner. So don’t focus on the term itself but rather look for the signs of professionalism. They are really easy to spot when it comes to cleaning companies—here are few examples:

    • A well-developed & informative website (like
    • In-house team or teams of cleaners
    • Transparent pricing policy
    • Presence in social media
    • Reviews by actual clients
    • Brand history
    • Press coverage

    If a company matches the criteria above, then you are most likely dealing with a customer-oriented brand that aims to be an industry leader. This is a sure sign of quality and willingness to make the client happy.

  • #2. Is the service guaranteed?
    There are companies that offer the so-called “guaranteed” services—a practice that involves the re-sending of tenancy cleaners to a property in case they have missed a spot or a crucial item from the list of things that are to be cleaned. Usually, the request for re-clean needs to happen within a period of time after the service—somewhere between 48 and 72 hours.
  • #3. Are the tenancy cleaners insured?
    Unlike the part about professionalism, whether or not one has insurance is a concrete fact. You can request to see evidence that the people you are letting in to handle the work have public liability insurance. This means that if they accidentally damage something while on the job, they—and therefore you— will be covered.

All in all, take the time to research the company that will handle your move out cleaning—it is absolutely worth it, especially if a serious sum of money is at stake.

What is the average cost for end of tenancy cleaning?

The average cost of an end of tenancy cleaning service depends on a number of variables. The final cost is based on whether you have one, two, three or more bedrooms, as well as whether you want professional carpet cleaning to be included or excluded. For up to date information, please check our current end of tenancy cleaning prices, visit our online booking form or call use directly:

or call us on: 020 3404 0145

Do tenants need professional end of lease cleaning?

In most cases yes. If tenants leave the property in a bad condition, the security deposit will most likely be the subject of deductions. The landlord or estate agent will hire professionals and bill renters for the cost.

  • What tenants won’t get with a move out cleaning service?
    The professional post tenancy service does not include cleaning of walls, washing the exterior of windows, nor minor repairs and replacements. Carpets and upholstery are to be vacuumed, but if you want both to be carried at a professional level, companies will usually offer these at a preferential rate when combined with end of tenancy.
  • Do tenants have to cover costs for parking, cleaning detergents and gear?
    The usage of professional cleaning equipment is part of the service as well as the cost. However, parking fees are not. While there may be a few companies that take care of parking, but most of the reputable tenancy cleaners don’t. This is a good way of distinguishing professionals from regular cleaners.
  • Can tenancy cleaning happen in the absence of tenants?
    Yes, it can. All that tenancy cleaners need is somebody to let the technicians in and later inspect their work and of course – make the payment. Upon request, tenancy professionals will also offer key pick up and delivery.
  • Is end of tenancy cleaning charged by the hour or not?
    There should not be a time span. Professional tenancy cleaners clean till It’s done. A thorough post lease cleanup can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours.
  • Do cleaning companies require a deposit?
    It all depends on the size of the job. Most jobs do not require a deposit, but for some tenants might be required to deposit 10% in advance.
  • Do post-tenancy services include oven cleaning?
    Yes, a professional end of tenancy cleaning will come with free oven cleaning. Cleaning kitchen appliances is part of the service.  Read more in-depth tenancy tips and advice.

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