8 Dirtiest Places for Public Snuggles

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Since the month of love is here and couples are now particularly expressive with the affection they have for each other, we at Fantastic Cleaners have decided to point out a small flaw in this otherwise passionate plan.

After all, what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to be constantly reminded that you’re publicly displaying your love in the middle of layers upon layers of germs that are doing the same thing you’ve been doing for generations (germ generations, and possibly human generations, too).

#1. Restaurants & Cafeterias

menu restaurants

We start with the first place we’re going to see couples on Valentine’s Day – food and drink places. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter how clean the restaurant or cafeteria looks like at a first glance. Because no matter how thoroughly the staff works on keeping things clean, there is one thing they always forget – the menus.

That’s right, restaurant menus are some of the dirtiest objects in the world. They get passed between hundreds of people each day and harbour thousands of bacteria that immediately get on your hands as soon as you decide to pick a meal. Other heavily bacteria-infested spots are the condiments on each table. All that salt, pepper, and herbal oil bottles have probably been passed around without getting a single wash, so keep those away from you and your SO at all costs.

#2. Public Restrooms

public restroom

While it’s an obvious statement, public restrooms aren’t a dirty place just because of the toilet they shelter within. No, the dirtiest culprit is actually the sink. Unlike the sink, the toilet is cleaned and disinfected a few times a day (in most public places, at least).

Another area in a public restroom that acts as a germ nest is the hand dryer. If you prefer not to get germs on your hands right after washing them, you would be better off drying your hands with paper towels. Also, try avoiding the door handle… somehow.

#3. Public Transportation

public transport

Buses, taxis, trains, the subway, and any other transportation all have a few things in common: their surfaces get touched by numerous hands; at least a few of these people have the flu, no matter the season; they rarely get disinfected; they’re all enclosed spaces.

This makes transportation a breeding ground for germs – basically a germ heaven. The best thing you can do when being crammed inside, say, a bus, is to open a window and let some fresh air in. Or simply get out of there as soon as possible.

#4. Grocery Stores

grocery shop

Another place that gets in contact with hundreds of people every day. Not to mention it contains food – it’s f nature’s law that, wherever there’s food, there’s always something eating it.

Another dirty culprit is the shopping cart. By now you must be convinced that whatever is touched by human hands is teeming with bacteria. Which is why it’s highly recommended to avoid snuggling on a shopping cart. Unless you’re into that, in which case go ahead.

#5. Fitness Centres


One of the modern places for meetups, new friendships, and possibly blooming romances, these places are yet another germ paradise. People sweat a lot on the equipment, and things like mysterious rashes appear exactly because of troublesome bacteria.

Not to mention that all of this still happens in an enclosed space, and despite the ventilation there will be microbes flying about in the air. Also, the pool. Even if the water is chlorinated precisely to kill bacteria, the chemicals always need to be at specific levels. And these levels are often quite off. If you notice the smell of chlorine, this usually means that the chemical is reacting with microorganisms and is slowly losing the battle.

#6. Hotel Rooms

hotel room

Another high traffic space for the general public. Hotel rooms are almost impossible to keep clean, despite the daily hard work of the cleaning staff. There are always a plethora of overlooked places, such as door handles, light switches, and even bed covers.

#7. Schools & Universities


These are yet more examples of high traffic places that only serve the purpose of spreading germs around and, with some luck – teach people stuff.
Everyone knows that the only thing that gets cleaned in these facilities are the drawing boards (or chalk boards, if it’s still 1995) and the floor. Everything else is left the way it is, ever since the school was built. So, just put on your learning cap and leave snuggling for later.

#8. Offices


Yet another place for work, friendships, romances, and a crazy amount of germs due to the windows being always closed and the air conditioning – always on.

Offices are not just dirty, for they also contain the dirtiest item in the world, second only to cash money (no irony there) – the computer keyboard. Other extremely dirty objects are the coffee maker, the door handles, the light switches, the sink, and sponges.
So, what is a good place for public snuggles?
After listing all these dirty places, you might be asking yourself – is there any place that’s actually suitable for public snuggles? And the answer is yes, there is. If you want to snuggle publicly without being concerned about germs and microbes around you, you can snuggle… in an immaculate plastic bubble!

Seriously, germs are everywhere, and nearly all of them aren’t even remotely deadly. Just keep on snuggling and don’t worry about it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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