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[Quiz] Are You a Clean Freak?

17 Monthly Home Cleaning Tasks

Do you prefer your home to be clean and tidy? Do you go to great lengths to keep everything neatly organised? Do your roommates plot to murder you in your sleep after your 2-hour lecture on “How to Fold Toilet Paper”? Test if you’re a clean freak. It might just save your life.

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6 Steps to Recycle Paper at Home Easily

recycling paper at home

What material is number one in the hard waste flow? Before you shout out “plastic!”, why don’t you look around your classroom? What do you see? Posters? Notebooks? Boxes? Textbooks? Tables, decorated with colourful paper? There lies your answer. Paper is everywhere.

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[Q&A] How Often Do You Clean Your Kitchen Sponge?

The people’s opinion always prevails when making a choice. That’s why here at Fantastic Cleaners we decided to start a new rubric with opinion polls. We hope it will help you orientate how much time, resources and/or money you should invest in a project or a chore. So, without further ado, let’s present to you…

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